Our History


Gabriel Diaz, President and Founder of Creative Roofing, has a strong understanding of how a contracting business must operate to remain successful. This knowledge comes from nearly thirty years of experience in the roofing industry.

Shortly after relocating to Sonoma County in 1971, Gabe took advantage of an opportunity to develop trade skills as a roofer’s helper. He began an apprenticeship, then offered by the local Carpenter’s Union. He continued to learn an assortment of styles by working for a variety of companies. His strong work ethic proved valuable, and landed him promotions to Superintendent, Department Manager, and Estimator positions.

Having worked alongside some indiscriminate roofers, he made himself a promise that when he started his own business, he would use different hiring and training procedures to upgrade the public perception of roofing contractors. In 1985, upon founding Creative Roofing, he implemented this idea. It remains essential to his business persona and self image, that consumers and general contractors differentiate Creative Roofing from the stereotypical roofing company. Gabe considers himself to be a person of integrity and feels it is of utmost importance to give potential customers honest roof evaluations. The same value is demonstrated in the customer service and workmanship that his company continues to offer.

Gabe expects the same integrity and work ethic from all of his staff. Creative Roofing’s reputation has been built on these values, and continues to succeed because of everyone’s commitment to them.

Last modified: 08/19/06