Diamond Certified


There are a lot of ways to judge a company, but the best indicator is customer satisfaction. A company with a high level of customer satisfaction is a company likely to excel in every aspect of their business.

So, the best way to discover which companies are the best, is to talk to their customers. And, not just 2 or 3, but 100. Thatís how Diamond Certified© performs its ratings. Diamond Certified© makes certain it selects a large random sample of customers.  Then, the customers are scientifically surveyed with university audit control to ensure accuracy and objectiveness.

Only when a company is found to have a very high customer satisfaction rating does it earn the privilege of displaying the Diamond Certified© symbol.

A Diamond Certified© company must apply for and pass a five-step rating process:

            1) Customer Satisfaction Rating
            2) Complaint Bureau Status Check
            3) License Verification
            4) Insurance Verification
            5) Credit Status Check

Only those companies that pass all five steps of the rating process are awarded Diamond Certified©, the symbol of very high customer satisfaction.

For further information visit www.diamondcertified.org

Last modified: 08/19/06